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Zero Void RPG


Na zalihi

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Ok, listen up scummer, here’s the deal. You’re jekked. You’re void. And you need to get out in one piece. The job started fine – your crew got into the vault, grabbed the money and were headed for the exit when some would-be hero tripped the jekking alarm. Your ship was locked down and you had to grab the nearest piece of dreg you could find in order to get out of system.

Too late, though. Hunter Koltz is on your tail and the can you stole didn’t have the juice to get any further than the Dantix system. So now you’re pulling into Port Caliban, a tiny space station with the only fuel for five light years. You’ve got three cases of credstix that aren’t worth dreg ‘til you can get them to a cleaner, and you’ve got the body of the jekking rachit whose can you took lying in the hold. Koltz and ISO are right behind you and could be here any MINIT.

You ken all that? ‘Cause right now everything’s zero void, it’s someone else’s fault, and you don’t plan on going down for it.

Zero Void is a no-prep sci-fi RPG scenario for 1-6 players and a GM. In it, a team of interstellar criminals are on the run following a botched job, trying to outrun the full force of Imperial Security Enforcement. Do they work together to get out in one piece, turn on each other to try and save their own skin, or go down in a blaze of zero-g desperation?