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YGO 25th Anniversary Tin Dueling Heroes


Na zalihi

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Item description

In addition to tons of celebratory treats, this must-have set includes a Quarter Century Secret Rare version of one of the sixteen iconic monsters decorating the sides of the tin. That includes classic cards spanning the history of Dueling, from Yugi’s spellbinding Dark Magician and the colossal Exodia, the Forbidden One, to signature monsters like Number 39: Utopia and Stardust Dragon.

The gorgeous Quarter Century Secret Rare cards include a holographic foil finish, gold foil name stamps and the 25th Anniversary watermark. This rarity will only be available during the 25th anniversary celebration period for the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game.

The Tin also has plenty to offer Duelists looking to bolster their Decks with powerful cards. There are approximately 300 different cards available via the 25th Anniversary Tin, including ones from recently released sets like Battle of Chaos, Dimension Force, Darkwing Blast, Tactical Masters, The Grand Creators and more.

Each set of 25th Anniversary Tin: Dueling Heroes includes 3 Mega-Packs, each one containing 18 cards for a total of 54. That includes 6 Prismatic Secret Rares, 6 Ultra Rares, 3 Super Rares, 3 Rares and 36 Commons. And of course, the bonus Quarter Century Secret Rare.