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Witchburner RPG 2nd Edition

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I’m coming to find you
I’m coming to get you
I’m coming to take you away
You witches are evil
You worship the devil
So listen to what I say
Come peacefully from out of your huts
Or I’ll have you witches pray
I must destroy you
Must play and toy you
And watch you wither away

Witchfinder General
“Witchfinder General” – Death Penalty (1982)

Why Witchburner Exists and What It Tries To Do – Wizard Thief Fighter


Witchburner is a tabletop RPG adventure that takes an intimate, claustrophobic delve into a small town beset by witchcraft. It deals with the topics you would expect with a title like Witchburner: magic, suspicion, fear, torture, fire, people burning.

It casts the heroes in the role of witchfinders—whether witting or unwitting—whom the town of Bridge expects to find the witch threatening their town and burn her.

If this is not your cup of cake, then walk awake. Or away.

It is effectively system neutral.

This is a limited third edition print run of Witchburner by Exalted Funeral and WTF Studio.