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Vampire The Masquerade Heritage – Limited Edition Bundle


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2–4 Players 45–90 Min Language: English Age: 14+

Limited Edition Bundle with expansions and reset pack!

This bundle includes:

Base game

Vampire The Masquerade Heritage Reload Pack

Vampire The Masquerade Heritage Twisted Fates exp.

Vampire The Masquerade Heritage Strands of Time exp.

Vampire The Masquerade Heritage Gentlemans Story exp.

*Base Game

In Vampire: The Masquerade – Heritage, you play the role of an ancient vampire. You shape seven hundred years of vampiric and human history in pursuit of ancient secrets, while trying to evade the inquisition and attempting to save what’s left of your humanity.

Heritage is a quick-playing legacy game. Each game, players gather characters from a common pool for their bloodlines. These characters influence different vampiric “battlegrounds” and help in fulfilling history-based missions. For example, a noble-born warrior might support Joan of Arc in ending the siege of Orleans, while at the same time changing the balance of an internal vampiric power struggle or attracting the unwanted attention of the inquisition. Aside from collecting characters in their bloodline, players can also use the unique intrigue cards of the clan they are playing — changing the rules of the game in ways that fit the character of that particular clan.

After any individual game, the players get to collect their achievements in their timeline, which serves as a chronicle of their actions throughout the seven hundred years of history and also influences the final outcome of the campaign.

Additionally, players may turn some mortals into vampires permanently by taking the cards out of their sleeves and turning them around, revealing their vampiric side and giving them new abilities and a name. These get put back in the common pool and can be additionally enhanced in future games. To allow for surprises when embracing mortals, all character cards come pre-sleeved!

In this fashion, players proceed through history as determined by the progression of historic mission cards, unlocking new challenges, characters, and rewards along the way.

Eventually, the seven hundred years will end with a climactic conclusion as players scramble to unravel ancient mysteries using the clues, allies, and power they have gathered throughout the campaign.


*Vampire The Masquerade Heritage Reload Pack:
This pack includes everything you need to begin a new chronicle using your copy of Vampire: The Masquerade – Heritage. Just replace the characters modified during the course of play, reset the chronicle deck in order, and steel yourself for another 700 years of human and vampiric history.

Includes all 80 character cards and stickers to begin a new campaign
Contents: 80 Double-sided mortals / 106 ability stickers


*Vampire The Masquerade Heritage Twisted Fates

“A fate worse than death? Take your pick.”

This expansion adds a new level of personal horror to your copy of Vampire the Masquerade: Heritage. Each twisted soul is drawn by a powerful link to another character in your chronicle. Love, hatred, greed, vengeance or bloody fascination drives them through eternity. Pull the strings to take full advantage of their cursed, tangled fates… before your enemies do.

• 1 Rule Card
• 7 Twisted Tales
• 7 Twisted Souls
• 14 Chapter Resolutions


*Vampire The Masquerade Heritage Strands of Time

“The more things change…”

This expansion adds even more pages of history to your copy of Vampire the Masquerade: Heritage. Influential figures bring prestige that echoes through the eras. New public schemes draw the mortal world into play, willing pawns in a bloody game beyond their understanding. Conduct these strands of time as a symphony of your own making… the sound of victory.

• 1 Rule Card
• 12 Strands of Time
• 6 Influential Figures
• 7 Chapter Resolutions


*Vampire The Masquerade Heritage Gentlemans Story

Designed by a true connoisseur of Vampire: The Masquerade, this mostly mission-based add-on follows the story of one Roger de Camden from the early 1300s to the mid-twentieth century.

The Gentleman’s Story

This expansion adds a suite of infamous kindred to your copy of Vampire: The Masquerade – Heritage. Roger de Camden, otherwise known as “The Gentleman”, provides letters of introduction to mysterious figures shaping the World of Darkness. Call upon their favor to alter your chronicle, twisting bloodlines and banishing troublesome characters to the shadows… or bringing them back.

This expansion features 28 cards to be added to the chronicle deck after the first chapter and revealed through play. Use the card ID (bottom right corner) to place them in the right order. The Gentleman’s Story expansion introduces 2 new card types to the game.

1 – Rule Card
4 – Strays
24 – Letters of Introduction