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Vampire The Masquerade Heritage Gentlemans Story


Na zalihi

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Item description

Designed by a true connoisseur of Vampire: The Masquerade, this mostly mission-based add-on follows the story of one Roger de Camden from the early 1300s to the mid-twentieth century.

The Gentleman’s Story

This expansion adds a suite of infamous kindred to your copy of Vampire: The Masquerade – Heritage. Roger de Camden, otherwise known as “The Gentleman”, provides letters of introduction to mysterious figures shaping the World of Darkness. Call upon their favor to alter your chronicle, twisting bloodlines and banishing troublesome characters to the shadows… or bringing them back.

This expansion features 28 cards to be added to the chronicle deck after the first chapter and revealed through play. Use the card ID (bottom right corner) to place them in the right order. The Gentleman’s Story expansion introduces 2 new card types to the game.

1 – Rule Card
4 – Strays
24 – Letters of Introduction