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Unmatched Marvel Brains and Brawn


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2–3 Players

20–40 Min
Language: English
Age: 14+


Unmatched: Brains and Brawn, the fifth and final Unmatched Marvel set, features some of Marvel’s hottest heroes: Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, and She-Hulk. Spidey swings around the battlefield, using his spider-sense to keep him safe. Dr. Strange has, well, the best card names in the game: Behold the Seven Suns of Cinnibus! And She-Hulk won’t think twice about throwing the book — or whatever heavy happens to be nearby — at you.

As Stan the Man might say, Brains and Brawn features an amazing array of astounding artists. Cover and She-Hulk illustration by comics veteran Joshua “Sway” Swaby. Dr. Strange illustration by The Brave Union. And Spider-Man is brought to life by Unmatched favorite, Oliver Barrett.



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