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Trophy Gold RPG

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Item description

Trophy Gold is a game of desperate treasure-hunters exploring the lost and forgotten places of the world. It takes the core rules of Trophy Dark and expands them for use in a more traditional, long-term fantasy campaign. The game mashes together story game and OSR principles to create a gameplay experience that is fast, flexible, and deep.

Here’s what the Trophy Gold book will include:

  • A new ruleset, expanded and clarified from what was originally published in Codex – Gold.
  • New rules for journeys between incursions, and expanded “back at home” rules.
  • Tips for running a great game of Trophy Gold.
  • An example-of-play transcript.
  • Guidelines for creating your own incursions plus guidelines for converting existing modules to Trophy Gold.
  • New backgrounds, occupations, and equipment.
  • Over a hundred different ritual and saints, based on the classic B/X D&D magic-user and cleric spells.
  • Brand new incursions, unique to Trophy Gold.

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