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Trophy Dark RPG

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Item description

Trophy Dark is a game of dark fantasy and psychological horror, about doomed treasure-hunters exploring an environment that doesn’t want them there. It’s designed to be played as a one-shot, perfect for convention play or as a tragic side story in your regular, long-term game.

Here’s what the Trophy Dark book will include:

  • A new ruleset, expanded and clarified from what was originally published in Codex – Dark 2.
  • Tips for running a great game of Trophy Dark.
  • A handy, step-by-step sequence of events for running Trophy Dark (similar to the one found in Girl Underground).
  • Guidelines for creating your own incursions.
  • Over a dozen incursions, from Codex and elsewhere, written by a diverse group of creators.
  • Ideas for using Trophy Dark as part of another game (such as a funnel for Trophy Gold, or flashbacks and side stories for other fantasy games).