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Troika! RPG HC

42.00  | 316.45 kn

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TROIKA! is a science-fantasy role-playing game where you and your cosmopolitan group of fellow travellers explore the ends of the multiverse. You will fly on mystic barges, help dying gods, solve confounding crimes, plunder dead worlds, and meet strange & wonderful people. 

With just one book and a couple of six-sided dice you’ll be able to provide years of adventure for you and your friends.

ROIKA! is designed to be wonderous to play and simple to run. Its hundreds of character backgrounds allow anyone to dive right into the game with no prior knowledge of the setting, system or campaign and its many published adventures make it easy to get started. With a few easy steps you and your players will have a grasp on the weird of the world and it will grow from there into something entirely your own



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