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The Well is a game of exploration, undead monsters, and survival.

The Well is an RPG with simple dice rules, a handful of tactical consideration, and a lot of player contribution. Climb the Well, defeat your undead ancestors, and come home bearing lost treasures and indelible scars.

The Well takes place in an underground city, generations and generations after anyone remembers there even being an “above ground.” They mine needed resources out of the earth around them, entomb their dead, and when they’ve run out of materials or space, they move downward. They go down along the Well, a massive shaft of empty space running straight up and down, farther than anyone knows in both directions. Down leads to new tunnels, new resources, and more distance from the tombs they’ve left behind.

The Well features an original system that uses simple dice rolls and gives players lots of control over their levels of risk and the consequences that befall their characters. Character generation can take as little as five minutes, letting you get to the gaming faster.