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See You Space Cowboy RPG

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SEE YOU, SPACE COWBOY… (abbreviated CUSC) is a tabletop roleplaying game for 3-6 players set in outer space where the players create characters called Outlaws: bounty hunters who fly across the galaxy in search of their next payday. You create situations where they land in hot water, manipulate people, and start gunfights, all while dealing with their debt and trauma.

The world is handled by the Bandleader, who creates the bounties and challenges for the players to overcome, guided by the results of the dice. Player character Traits are made up of a d6, d8, d10 or d12, which they roll in a sticky situation that we call a Break. They can also modify these Breaks with their Talents or Gear. No matter what size die you roll, a result of 4 or lower is a failure, a result of 5 to 9 is a partial success, and a 10 or above is a full success. Failure can also be assisted by a press-your-luck mechanic called Juice.


  • 32 page core rulebook designed for ease of use
  • Unique game mechanics inspired by PbtA, Savage Worlds and West End Games’ Ghostbusters & Star Wars
  • Over half a dozen tables to help Bandleaders generate bounties including a d100 name table
  • Extremely cool character sheet
  • Futuristic world with detailed solar system
  • Fantastic art by Jaki King, Tyler Hogerty and Mitch Speck
  • Fun & official Actual Play podcast GM’d by the creator
  • NO d20s ALLOWED


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