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RISE is a dungeon map drawing game that channels the mischevious spirit of Dungeon Keeper, War For The Overworld, and Overlord.


Put into the blood encrusted boots of a Dungeon’s Keeper, you will have to build your dungeon, hire minions (and keep them happy), and face all manner of generated nastiness on your way to the surface.


As you explore, you will create a unique dungeon map that builds up organically through prompts and challenges. You will have the chance to raid other realms, fight generated heroes, and chronicle the saga of your rise to power or embarrassing destruction.


On a turn, you explore the map by drawing a playing card to determine what you find, if there is combat, it’s simple and turn based. After exploring, you can trade your resources and build your dungeon (rooms, traps and barricades), then you can recruit new units. All of this while keeping your minions’ hapinness high enough so there’s no mutiny. You win by finding the surface.