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One Card Dungeon


Na zalihi

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Item description

1 Players

15–60 Min

Language: English

Age: 10+


One Card Dungeon is a solo dice-placement dungeon crawl played on a single card. Fight through 12 increasingly challenging levels to reach the final prize – the Sceptre of M’Guf-yn.


Both the Adventurer and the Monsters are represented on the map by Dice, with the value on top showing their current health. Each room has one type of Monster, with anywhere from 1 to 4 of that monster to defeat in each room.


The basic game mechanic is rolling three dice, then assigning one dice to each of your Movement, Attack and Defense. Adding together your skill levels in each of these areas with the dice you have assigned gives you a total number of points in each of these areas to spend, for example if you have a Movement skill of 3 and assign a 4 dice to it, you would have 7 Movement points to spend that turn.


After each room, you may upgrade one of your four skills – Movement, Attack, Defense, and Range.