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New Corp Order – Deluxe Edition


Na zalihi

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Item description

1–4 Players

45–12 Min

Language: English

Age: 25+


This is the Deluxe version which was available during the Kickstarter campaign and has items not included in retail version including:


Wooden custom meeples, additional conglomerate cards,

2 additional companies (6 Cardboard Tiles and 8 cards)

Public Service Advertising


2 additional consultants (8 cards)

The Networker



New Corp Order is a game of infiltration, manipulation and world domination for 1 to 4 MegaCorp executives. With the influence of the guilty governments fading away, MegaCorps are starting to control the world. But they have to be cautious: in this new brave world of hyper connected citizens, wary of the mistakes of the past, Media Conglomerates hold the key to planetary domination.


Players pick a secret objective at the start of the game and then use their card to plot, infiltrate, and take over companies and conglomerates. The game ends when the Conglomerate deck is depleted. Then, players compare their position on each of the Media Conglomerates, and the players with a better position get points according the Companies controlled by those Conglomerates. You can also get extra points by securing your Secret Objectives, and controlling Consultants.





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