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Munchkin South Park

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Item description

3–6 Players
60–120 Min
Language: English
Age: 17+

Have yourself a time combining the fun of monster slaying and treasure hunting with the random antics of South Park in this Munchkin game! Take on the role of a new kid at South Park Elementary and equip yourself with Items such as Kenny’s Throwing Star or Towelie, and acquire Allies like Butters Stotch to defeat Beelzaboot, ManBearPig, and other monsters! Avoid curses like Pandemic Special or backstabbing moves by other players in your super sweet ascension to Level 10!

  • Get ready to celebrate over 25 years of South Park as you prepare for battle against familiar adversaries by recruiting allies, equipping unique items, and collecting Treasures to Level Up. This “totally sweet” collectible Munchkin card game is based on the popular Steve Jackson card game mechanic and it makes a great gift that any South Park fan would love to own.
  • Featuring hilarious references and characters from the South Park show – recruit Allies including Randy, Timmy, Token Black, Butters, Eric, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny to help you fight against Monsters including PC Principal, Grandma Stotch, Beelzaboot, Mr. Garrison, Satan and Manbearpig.
  • Make your way through the game leveling up, gathering items, earning treasure – but watch out for other players as they try to take you down in this Munchkin game.
  • Includes 92 Door Cards , 76 Treasure Cards , 6 Role Cards , 6 Level Trackers ,1 Die, Rules

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