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Monsters & Counselors RPG

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Na zalihi

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YOU ARE THE COUNSELORS OF CAMP BRITTLE BONE. Your jobs are to teach, guide, and care for the kids who attend. More importantly, you protect them against any and all mischief they may get themselves into. Camp Leader Murie has disappeared and without their guidance, you are left to uphold the mission of Camp Brittle Bone, and the safety of the kids who will stop at nothing to find new dangers and ways to injure or kill themselves. With Murie’s disappearance, you feel something sinister is lurking at Camp Brittle Bone…


Monsters & Counselors drops you into a summer camp monster mystery RPG where you take on the role of trusted guidance counselors who need to keep the kids alive as they get themselves into danger around camp, while also dealing with the real monster lurking in the shadows!


The simple but dynamic rules will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to end.

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