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Loke Battle Mats’ Box of Adventure – Valley of Peril


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Item description

Loke Battle Mats’ Box of Adventure – Valley of Peril – is the system agnostic kit you have been waiting for. It combines modular maps and tokens of monsters, baddies and NPCs, everything you need to run any fantasy RPG. There are also terrain tokens and building tokens. As a result you can customise the maps and build your encounter areas however you want them.



Like the maps, the cut-out tokens are laminated and thus you can wipe them clean. This means that a simple marker pen will enable you to track damage and status effects by simply writing on the tokens. This means that is an encounter has multiple monsters, for example rats, you can now track them easily! The tokens are also colour coded and numbers to make running combat encounters simple and easy!


The tokens include all the beasts and monsters you would expect, as well as humanoid opponents including bandits and pirates. We have also included tokens which can be used as PCs or NPCs. All beautifully individually illustrated, no duplicates!



The map designs are modular and you can play each individually or combine them to create larger play areas. So you can play the map which best fits your table space and encounter size. And as the maps are wipe clean they can be customised and reused many, many times.


The map layouts are pictured inside the box, which you can use as a dungeon map or even dice tray. The magnetic lid seals securely and snaps shut. As a result you can safely store the maps and tokens in the box between games.


This fantasy themed system agnostic kit has everything you need for running any fantasy themed RPG. The maps cover the essential terrains you will need, and include a dungeon, cave system, wooded ruins, grasslands and much more.

Loke Battle Mats’ Box of Adventure – Valley of Peril