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I would destroy the Ring


Nema na zalihi

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Item description

4–8 Players

30 Min

Language: English

Age: 17+


Standalone and expansions!


Ethical dilemmas and Sci-fi scenarios. YOU’LL HAVE TO TALK YOUR WAY OUT OF IT ALL!


“I Would Destroy the Ring” is the Sci-fi / Fantasy expansion pack for “I Would Kill Hitler” complete with cards forged in the fiery depths of a distant land. You’ll answer weird, wild, and wonky “What Would YOU Do?” hypothetical questions. You’ll use cards in their hands to add a pinch of HILARITY to your story.


45 Hypothetical Cards, 155 Plot Cards

Mainstream appeal: Light, approachable party card game with storytelling and improvisation mechanisms

88% of B2C consumers by at least 1 expansion with purchase

Can be played with the original game or as a STANDALONE GAME

New Yearly Expansions

Made out of spite

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