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Geekbox Slim


Nema na zalihi

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Item description

Geekbox is a simple and ingenious solution for storing pawns, dice, tiles and other small components of your favorite games. Reduce set-up time, open the lid and start playing right away! The Geekboxes are designed to be stackable and optimize space both inside the box and above the game table. With a clack! , the lid closes tightly, preventing the contents from leaking.


Geekbox Slim is the model with reduced thickness that guarantees optimal organization even for game boxes of the most unusual size. Each Geekbox set includes 4 boxes. 100% geek!



73 mm = 2.87”

73 mm = 2.87”

20 mm = 0.79”


Interior size

58,5 mm = 2.30”

58,5 mm = 2.30”

18,5 mm = 0.73”



63 mL