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FRAG 4th Printing (2024)


Na zalihi

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2–6 Players

30 Min

Language: English

Age: 10+


Computer Games Are Mindless and Violent. This Is Even Better.

Introduced more than 20 years ago and now back by popular demand the first-person shooter without the computer! It’s fast and violent; perfect for a lunch hour slug-fest or for long nights of mayhem.

Do you love FPS liek Doom, Quake and Unreal Tournament? This game then is for you!
Nothing subtle here. Grab your friends, grab your dice, make up a character, and go. Start with a Pistol and work up to a Heavy Assault Cannon with Chainsaw. Or maybe just a Nuke.

When you die – and you will – you “respawn” on your next turn, and you’re back in the fight! The first player to score three frags wins.

Game starts. Enemy in sight . . . Frag him! Grab his stuff! Run! Get a bigger gun! Grab some armor! There he is again! Frag him! Whoa, there’s another one. Run . . . you’re hit! You’re down. Respawn! Grab a weapon! Start again!

Frag is fast and violent, perfect for a lunch hour slugfest or for long nights of mayhem.

You’ll need many, many six-sided dice, which are NOT included.

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