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Fight Item Run RPG Softcover


Na zalihi

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Monsters spawn in the dungeon. What do you do?




Fight Item Run is a Powered by the Apocalypse tabletop roleplaying game that smashes action-packed combat and magic together with dynamic character and relationship exploration. The party begins in a chamber and there are monsters; once they’ve defeated the monsters, they proceed to the next chamber where there are more monsters. Chambers also have items, treasures, puzzles, and mysteries. When the party has collected the adequate gear to advance to the next level of the dungeon, they come to the chamber with the passage, staircase, portal, or alien warp pad to continue forward. The goals for Fight Item Run are the following:

▶ Fight monsters, collect items, survive the dungeon.

▶ Tell a collaborative story of mystery and adventure.

▶ Plant and build upon evocative details at every chance.

▶ Explore the lives and relationships of characters traveling together.