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Drinking War

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Item description

2–18 Players

10–120 Min

Language: English

Age: 18+


Aim of the game


To win Drinking War, you must be the player at the end of the game with the most Health Points (HP).

Your objective is to attack your opponents by giving them sips from the various cards.

When you receive sips you have the choice of drinking them or not drinking them by losing one Health Point.

The game includes 3 different game modes (packs). The difficulty and strategy increases from Pack 1 to Pack 3.

It is also possible to play without drinking.


The Great Return


In Ancient Rome, the taverns appearance changed the way of life of social classes, following a game called DRINKING WAR, which quickly became popular. Farmers, Knights, nobles, everyone played it to settle their accounts with the help of this strategic drinking game! However, the craze of this game revealed a previously unknown disease “the Hangover” in the year 17 AD.

A year later, an exceptional Summit held by the YouDrankAll Emperor banned the game for 2000 years by isolating the rules in the depths of the Vatican cellar.

Today, it returns after an eternal expectation to revolutionize our parties!

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