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Bad Decision RPG


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BAD DECISIONS is a GM-less, horror-themed, story-telling RPG for 3-6 players. During play you become the hapless characters the audience shouts “NO! DON’T GO IN THERE!” to.

In traditional role-playing games, you often want to do the smartest, safest thing to survive. But here at Arbitrio Games we like our heroes curious, irresponsible, and extremely mortal. The whole point of BAD DECISIONS is to get yourselves killed doing something terribly idiotic.

Over the course of a couple hours, our ill-fated characters are placed in a situation rife for foolishness, such as ghost hunters exploring Colonial Williamsburg or teens trespassing at a dinosaur mini-golf. In this rules-light game, players take turns narrating, rolling dice, and making BAD DECISIONS until you are no longer just hinting at danger: danger is chasing you through a cornfield with a machete.

From there things start to move fast. We shift our focus from narration to a modified version of Liar’s Dice, where anyone who gets eliminated gets…err…eliminated. Soon it’s head-to-head and there’s just two of you left. That’s when we answer the question:

Are you the Final Girl or were you the Secret Mastermind all along?