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Ankh Gods of Egypt: Guardians Set


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Ankh Gods of Egypt: Guardians Set

Cijena: 300 Kn.

The Guardians Set introduces a new set of Guardians ready to join the gods in their quest. Most of the Guardians contained in this set are terrible demons with vicious abilities the gods would much rather have at their side than used against them. The introduction of new Guardians into the game gives new options to select from, increasing the possibilities for different combinations and interactions for each game. The presence or absence of each Guardian can have a profound impact on the gameplay dynamics.

The Guardians Set comes with:

11 Guardian figures:

-3 Mafdet figures

-2 Am-Heh figures

-2 Pazuzu figures

-2 Ammit figures

-2 Shezmu figures

5 Guardian cards

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