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Analwizards Comic Game Book


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The comic-game book by Genchi’s borthers!
Fantasy, Trash, Nonsense!
Are you ready to become an Analwizard?!?

The average duration of a game is about 45-60 minutes, but to view 100% of the whole game you need about 8-10 hours of pure “fun?”

Limited edition: 500 english copies!

Game Review - 'Analwizards', a Comic Book Game by David & William Genchi [Hollow Press, 2022] - The Aither

The story of Analwizards, though largely dictated by gameplay, follows a nameless wizard, guilty by their very birth – “Your only Fault was that of being born. Being born a wizard!” Who is booted straight into a dungeon full of peril. From there, you just need to get out and try not to die.

The game, is simple to follow and set up, with minimal tools required – A pen and paper to keep note of the items you pick up along your journey and the game app that keeps track of your various stats.

The simplest way to describe the game, is that it is a perverse choose-your-own-adventure. RPG elements are key but rather light and don’t require familiarity with tabletop gaming. The player gets to spend time admiring the artistic direction and not get caught up keeping tally of the various ailments, items and stats involved.

Analwizards is a sensational mix of RPG game mechanics and violence that can only come from the twisted vision of the Genchi brothers!