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Harry here with another newsletter
and we have a TON of new products coming in the next few days so take a look bellow!


  • Cascadia
  • Cascadia Landmarks (NEW)
  • Who Should We Eat
  • Drinking War
  • Unmatched Marvel Brains and Brawn
  • War of the Ring Card Game
  • Dice Throne Season Two Box 1 Gunslinger vs Samurai
  • Dice Throne Season 1 Rerolled Box 3 Pyromancer vs Shadow Thief
  • Dice Throne Season Two Box 3 Cursed Pirate vs Artificer
  • Dice Throne Season Two Box 4 Seraph vs Vampire Lord
  • Root
  • Horrified American Monsters
  • Horrified Universal Monsters
  • Last Message
  • BOOoop (NEW)
  • Dungeon Fighter
  • Overboss Duel (NEW)
  • Brew
  • The Lord of the Rings Adventure to Mount Doom (NEW)

Lets take a closer look at the new releases!

A deceptively cute, deceivingly challenging & SPOOPY abstract strategy game for two players.

Every time you place a kitten on the bed, it goes “boop.” Which is to say that it pushes every other kitten next to it one space away. Line up 3 kittens in a row to graduate them into cats… and then, get 3 cats in a row to win.

But that isn’t easy with both you AND your opponent constantly “booping” kittens around. It’s like… herding cats!
And now, things just got boopier and spoopier –
with NEW Ghost Cats that float between the spaces. And so scary, cats will leap right over each other to get away!

Approachable but challenging abstract game following the incredible success of the original “boop” as a limited seasonal game.

In The Lord of the Rings: Adventure to Mount Doom, players follow the story of Frodo’s perilous journey to destroy the One Ring in the fires of Mount Doom. He is accompanied by his familiar fellowship, who are charged with protecting him from the dangers he will face along the way.

The players control the fortunes of this company together by moving the individual figures across the game board on a journey through many well-known places from the beloved Lord of the Rings novels. It is important to beware of the Nazgul while at the same time making sure that Frodo does not lose his confidence and freeze in despair. When Frodo reaches Mount Doom, the players have all won together

In Overboss Duel, rival Boss Monsters go head-to-head to conquer the Overworld on a shared board. Each turn, players draft and place terrain tiles and monster tokens anywhere, even on their opponent’s land! Their goal: to craft the map with the greatest Power and sabotage their rival at every turn to become the ultimate overboss!

Designed by Aaron Mesburne and using the same basic system as the hit game Overboss, this fast-paced game combines drafting, set collection, puzzly tile laying, and messing up plans. It’s set in the retro-inspired pixel art world of Brotherwise Games’ best-selling Boss Monster, with many of the same familiar characters.

In Cascadia: Landmarks expansion, players create sprawling habitats and place beautiful natural landmarks within them. Landmarks give each environment its own look and feel, while also providing dynamic endgame scoring bonuses!

In addition to the Landmarks module, this expansion includes more unique wildlife scoring cards and habitat tiles to add variety and enough components to play Cascadia with 5-6 players.



  • POK TCG SV151 ex Box – Alakazam
  • POK TCG SV151 ex Box – Zapdos
  • POK TCG SV151 Elite Trainer Box
  • POK TCG SV151 6-booster bundle
  • POK TCG SV151 Mini Tin
  • POK TCG Crown Zenith Pin Box Collection
  • POK TCG ex Battle Decks Chien-Pao/Tinkaton
  • POK TCG ex Box Annihilape
  • POK TCG SV03 Obsidian Flames 3BBPOK
  • SV03 Obsidian Flames Elite Trainer Box
  • POK TCG Paldea Partners Tin (FALL 2023)
  • POK TCG Premium ex Box – Charizard
  • POK TCG ex Battle Decks – Kangaskhan / Greninja


  • One Piece Yamato Starter Deck
  • One Piece Monkey D Luffy Starter Deck
  • One Piece Kingdom of Intrigue Booster
  • One Piece Double Pack Set vol 1
  • One Piece Card Case Monkey.D.Luffy
  • One Piece Pillars of Strength Booster


  • Digimon TCG Starter Deck Wolf of Friendship
  • Digimon TCG Starter Deck Dragon of Courage
  • Digimon TCG Adventure Box 2
  • Digimon TCG Resurgence Booster



  • YGO Pharaoh’s Servant 25th BO
  • YGO Invasion of Chaos 25th BO
  • YGO Spell Ruler 25th BO
  • YGO Speed duel Streets of Battle City box
  • YGO Duelist Nexus BO
  • YGO Legendary Duelists Soulburning Volcano BO
  • YGO 25th Anniversary Tin Dueling Heroes
  • YGO Structure Deck featuring Jack Atlas



  • MTG Wilds of Eldraine Collector BO
  • MTG Wilds of Eldraine Bundle


  • The One Ring RPG Core

Return to Middle-earth with The Lord of the Rings™ Roleplaying, a brand new adaptation of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien using the rules for 5E.


That is all for now.

See you all on the next NEWSLETTER!